In high school, I prayed nightly for God to unveil His plans for my life. My parents told me to get a college education, find a career that I loved, and work hard. Being goal-oriented, I was a little anxious about what I was supposed “to be” and how I would change the world. Throughout life, I always leaned towards a helping profession and enjoyed the medical field. During my junior and senior years, I took courses in health occupations and had the opportunity to work in the speech and hearing clinic at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. They even called me back in the summer to cover the front desk and answer phones while the secretary was on vacation. I will never forget Dixie, Stephanie and Barbara who taught me about hearing, speech and language disorders, and how I marveled at their work. I also learned a great deal from the audiologist and was amazed that they could test the hearing of such young babies and toddlers. My search for colleges with programs in speech-language pathology began, and I have never looked back. Thanks to divine intervention and inspiring people along the way, I finally know what I’m supposed to be when I grow up!