Screenings can ease the mind of a parent or teacher concerned about a child’s developing speech and/or language. This brief assessment can usually determine whether a more extensive evaluation is warranted. LKN Speech-Language Pathology offers free speech, language and hearing screenings by appointment at our clinic, covering:

  • Articulation development
  • Receptive and expressive language skills
  • Auditory processing
  • Hearing acuity

Early intervention is critical for normal development of speech, language, hearing and ultimately, communication and learning. Thus, screenings are highly recommended for children toddler age through 5th grade. Screenings usually take 15 minutes, using standardized assessment tools.

In addition to screenings at our clinic, we coordinate off-site screenings at schools, preschools and daycares for a minimal fee. If you would like to arrange a screening for your child, please contact us to schedule your appointment. If you are interested in screenings for your school, please contact us for more detail.