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What to Expect from an Evaluation

Evaluations help determine the type and severity of a speech-language disorder, as well as each client’s therapy goals. At LKN Speech-Language Pathology, evaluations include a minimum of one hour of informal and standardized assessment, a parent interview, and a comprehensive written report. Results and recommendations will be reviewed and discussed with parents. In addition, the report can be mailed to physicians, educators and others as requested on your release form. (NOTE: In lieu of our evaluation, we can accept another provider’s evaluation conducted within the past 12 months.)

Types of Evaluations

Articulation and Oral Motor Evaluation using the standardized Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation and Oral-Peripheral Exam. This assessment evaluates pure articulation in sounds, words, sentences, and connected speech.

The Preschool Language Scale or other child language standardized assessment not exceeding 2.75 hours. This assesses auditory comprehension and expressive language skills of toddlers through early first grade. Infant-toddler assessments are included in this category as well.

Reading Analysis of decoding, fluency and comprehension using the Diagnostic Reading Assessment, Phonological Awareness Surveys, Beginning Decoding Survey and the Advanced Decoding Survey. During analysis, we also review work samples and academic records that include writing, spelling, and reading familiar and unfamiliar texts aloud.

Standardized Language Assessment over the course of several speech-language therapy sessions (3+ hours). Assessment may include The Test of Auditory Processing Skills, or the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, The Language Processing Test, or other norm-referenced, standardized assessment.

Speech & Language Therapy Sessions

Speech-language therapy sessions for children are usually 45 minutes in duration which include a wrap-up and summary with parents including carryover activities and recommendations for practice at home.  Home programs and functional carryover activities are important to achieve optimal and timely results.  Session notes are maintained and progress notes are written as needed or approximately every 12 sessions or 3 months.


LKN Speech-Language Pathology will provide the information needed to you so that you may file an insurance claim. Before you file insurance claims, you may need a doctor’s order from your pediatrician for an evaluation and therapy services. Most doctors are familiar with this procedure and should be able to provide this for you. Coverage of speech-language therapy services varies based on each insurance company, so you will need to review your individual policy for specific details.  LKN Speech Language Pathology is a fee for service practice and is an out-of-network provider.

Each month you will receive a detailed bill with treatment codes, time spent, and the amount of each session. Please retain these to file claims, plus keep copies of all correspondence with your insurance company. If a claim is denied, you may be able to include treatment expenses on your tax return as “out-of-pocket medical expenses.”


LKN Speech-Language Pathology will send you a bill during the first week of each new month. These can be sent electronically or by mail based on your preference.  The charges will reflect services rendered for the previous month. We accept cash or checks, as well as credit cards and healthcare flex spending accounts. Payment is expected upon receipt of your bill. A late fee of $10.00 will be added to your bill for outstanding payments.


Appointments should be scheduled in advance, and cancellations must be made within 48 hours. Cancellations made without prior notice will be billed at 50% of the scheduled session.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and pride ourselves in providing professional expertise and services to you and your family member(s). Thus, we operate with the highest confidentiality and will never discuss your case with any other party without your signed consent. Working with children, adults and family members can be a sensitive subject matter, so we always respect each individual’s privacy.

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