Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Children develop language skills at different rates. However, it’s important that your child’s language skills continue to grow and progress. Here are a few milestones to look for.

By one year of age, a child should:

  • Use one- or two-word sentences
  • Follow simple requests like, “Come here.” Or “Give that to Mommy.”
  • Understand simple questions like, “Where’s the kitty?”

By two to three years of age, a child should:

  • Use two- to three-word sentences to talk about or request things
  • Follow two-part directions such as, “Get your cup and put it on the table.”
  • Be understood by others most of the time

How You Can Help

  • Talk to your child about routine things that you during your day.
  • Read to your child every day, preferably with a variety of books.
  • Listen to your child talk, and respond to what he or she says.
  • If your child says something the wrong way, repeat it correctly rather than focus on the mistake.
  • Give praise for communication so the child learns that talking is fun.