Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

By the end of fourth grade, your child should have reached these milestones.

Listening Skills

  • Understands information being taught in class
  • Bases opinions on facts
  • Listens for important details in conversations and stories

Talking Skills

  • Talks for a variety of reasons in varying situations
  • Understands euphemisms like “raining cats and dogs”
  • Participates in discussions with friends and adults
  • Provides accurate directions
  • Summarizes information in the correct order
  • Uses words and ideas from classes like science and math
  • Gives an organized speech in front of a group of people

Reading Skills

  • Reads fourth-grade-level books with ease
  • Reads and comprehends diverse writing including nonfiction and poetry
  • Predicts what a character might do or how a story will end
  • Tells a shorter version of what he or she reads, including primary details
  • Follows written directions
  • Takes short, logical notes
  • Uses words to learn the meaning of new words (such as identifying what uncover means based on the meaning of cover)
  • Uses a dictionary, reference books and online resources as needed
  • Thinks about and discusses why an author wrote a book

Writing Skills

  • Writes good stories and explanations with several related paragraphs
  • Plans a beginning, middle and end before writing
  • Covers the main story idea adequately
  • Edits writing for grammar, punctuation and spelling (on paper and computer)
  • Uses a computer for writing and knows where to find keyboard letters

 If your child has not established the skills listed, you may want to make an appointment for a speech-language evaluation.