Articulation occurs when the motor center of the brain directs the lips, tongue, teeth and palate to move and create sounds. Unless you’re trying to pronounce a tongue twister or unusual word, these movements occur automatically. They also allow us to express ourselves and create first impressions – an important concern when you’re preparing for a college interview, a job or a first date.

While articulation disorders can occur later in life due to trauma, disease or injury, most disorders arise during childhood development. Normal speech patterns and sounds develop through infancy and should be correctly established by the time a child reaches eight years of age. By working with each child and client individually, we can address specific articulation problems due to incorrect phonological processing, dysarthria, apraxia, or a simple sound error that was established in memory and never corrected.

We are providers of Speech Buddy Tools, specifically designed tools to improve articulation. They may be recommended by your speech therapist to correct sound errors and require the specialized instruction and therapy to be used correctly.
We are providers of the Bite-R tool, an aid specifically designed to correct the articulation error of the /r/ sound.
 ** Speech Buddy and Bite-R tools are intended for use by a licensed speech-language pathologist only.