With a keen focus on personal attention and understanding, LKN Speech-Language Pathology provides the highest quality of speech, language, voice, cognitive and swallowing services to help people lead healthier, more successful lives. Speech-language pathology is not about revelations or corrections. It’s about communication, relationships and trust. It focuses on building childhood language and cognitive skills so learning becomes less frustrating. It reinforces new muscle movements, speech patterns and tenacity until one day we realize we’ve not only broken through, but broken free of a disorder.

We work with people of all ages from babies to adolescents and working adults to retirees. Our specialty includes:

  • Articulation and voice disorders
  • Auditory processing and hearing impairment
  • Delays and disorders in language development and processing
  • Fluency including stuttering and stammering
  • Language learning difficulties such as dyslexia
  • Neurological impairments including aphasia
  • Physical speech barriers such as cleft palates
  • Speech impairments due to apraxia, dysarthria and phonological disorders
  • Swallowing disorders in adults